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Tallsalt Asset Management, LLC (Tallsalt) is a Native American owned registered investment advisor in the states of Arizona and California. Tallsalt specializes in managing portfolios of equity securities (stocks) for it clients.

The firm, which was founded in August 2006, combines the thirteen years of investment and capital markets experience of its President, Steve Gundersen, with the strong eight-year historical investment performance of its portfolio manager, Aaron Edelheit. Mr. Gundersen and Mr. Edleheit have combined the capabilities of their firms, Mette Associates and Sabre Value Management, to offer their services to Native American Indian tribes and other organizations and select individuals in Indian Country.

Steve Gundersen and Aaron Edelheit recognized that the combination of Sabre Value Managementís ("Sabre") eight-year track record of delivering exceptional investment returns and Mr. Gundersenís thirteen years of investment, capital markets and mergers & acquisitions experience could offer a unique and valuable service. In order to bring this service to potential clients, Mr. Gundersen and Mr. Edelheit formed Tallsalt Asset Management, LLC (TallsaltĒ) in mid-2006.

Tallsalt will continue Sabre's conservative style of investing while gaining additional bandwith and experience from Mette, allowing Tallsalt to identify more attractive investment opportunities. At Tallsalt, Mr. Gundersen and Mr. Edelheit fill the roles of President and Portfolio Manager, respectively.

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